Calligraphic Landscapes – Hommage a Sei Shonagon

Exhibition Calligraphic Landscapes – Hommage a Sei Shonagon is about lines as records of dymanic processes in nature and in art. Lines are "basic material / origin" for creating both writing and images. With my drawings, objects and installations I am showing that words and images are intrinsicaly connected and inter-wowen. The exhibition shows a kind of "handwriting of nature" – lines turning into drawings and into script. mehr...
This exhibition is inspired by the novel "Pillowbook of Sei Shonagon", one of the highlights not only of japanese but also of world literature. Working as both visual artist and literary scolar and translator I am researching the crosslines / borders between various artistic media and genres, concentrating on literature and visual arts. The process of translating "Pillowbook of Sei Shonagon" (from english into croatian, in 1987) was for me crucial artistic experience – I was translating her uncomparably beautiful texts into croatian (and her ouvre became an integral part of croatian culture), but her texts were "translated" in my inner eyes into images which inspire me ever and ever again. Sei Shonagon has enriched my perception of nature and art and brougt me in touch with roots of japanese culture. These roots are timeless and universal. That is why I am dedicating this exhibition to Sei Shonagon as a record of my personal dialogue with her on one hand and as a record of enriching crossover of cultures, regardless of temporal and geographic distance.